The youth has inherited a broken banking system, an outdated school system and bad money habits. Unemployment is at an all-time high, and access to higher education is reserved for a select few. The financial fate of Gen-Z has hung in the balance, until now.

That’s why we’re making banking Bettr. We’re building for the future of work, where exponential learning allows for exponential earning. 💸

We’re building for SA’s youth, who in the face of a broken banking system, a high unemployment rate (worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic), and little access to higher education, is turning to themselves and their innate creativity to earn a living.

They are redefining what it means to #OwnYourWorth. This is SA’s creator economy. Young people who are creating an environment for an entire generation to capitalise on its unique talents – and in turn – shape the job market of the future.

Bettr is the first, and only, account Gen-Z needs to rise and thrive throughout life. 🤑

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