(Beta Release: 26 April 2022)

  • Block your account

If your device has been lost or stolen, you can immediately engage with support to put a temporary block on your account. No transactions can be made from a temporarily blocked account.

  • Unblock your account

If you placed a temporary block on your account, due to a lost or stolen device, you can request for it to be unblocked via any of our support channels. Your account and cards will function normally after this.

  • New device?

When you try to login to your Bettr account on a new device, your account access will be denied. You will need to undergo account reprovisioning. This means, we need to link your existing account to your new device.

To block, unblock or reprovision your account, please connect with support right away.

Online chat

In-app chat

WhatsApp (or +27 744 704 621)

Email us: help@bettr.app

Or call us on: +27 87 250 3210

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