(Beta Release: 26 April 2022)

Your @handle is your unique Bettr identity and is used to:

  • Personalise your Bettr Card

  • Personalise in-app communication

  • Allow friends to follow you

  • Pay others or get paid

@handle already exists: If your desired @handle is already taken by another user, but you’re a creator with a following on social media, kindly submit a request for Creator Verification. Bettr may then consider transferring your desired @handle. We cannot guarantee this will be successful, as the user who owns your desired @handle on Bettr would need to consent to the transfer.

Change your @handle: Currently, changing your @handle in Bettr’s Beta is only available via direct request as it is subject to the @handle’s availability. We cannot guarantee that changing your @handle will be successful if the desired @handle is already taken.

Where is my @handle link? You can find your @handle by pressing “Pay” from the dashboard and then “Show My Cash Code”. Your @handle link will be displayed in grey text as the Profile Link, e.g. https://bettr.app/(your @handle).

Ways to use your @handle: Your Bettr @handle, and your Bettr Cash Code (your unique QR code), can be used to receive payments. Your @handle and your Bettr Cash Code are linked to your Bettr account details.

Here are a few tips on how to use your @handle:

  • Link in bio: Copy-paste your @handle from your Bettr profile and embed it into any social network, video streaming service or app you commonly use to get paid by other Bettr users instantly. If a follower or friend does not have a Bettr account, they can use your Cash Code to sign-up, instantly follow you and then transact with you.

Linktree | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitch | SnapChat | Spotify | TikTok | Influencer marketplaces: Humanz, Webfluential or any of the 100+ services used by creators.

  • Share on social & streaming networks:

Create awareness on all of your social media networks by embedding your Bettr @handle link into a post.

  • You can start building your followers from the get go.

  • Friends, brands and followers can simply click on your Bettr @handle link to sign up to Bettr and follow you.

  • If they are existing users of Bettr but not following you yet, they can do so instantly.

  • Each sign-up counts as a referral.

  • Add to your rate card, invoice or service brochure:

You can embed your @handle into your invoices and recommend this as a new payment method.

Your clients can simply click on your @handle link which will prompt them to sign up to Bettr if they are not registered yet. If they are, they can simply enter your invoice amount and pay you instantly.

Alternatively, download and embed your Bettr Cash Code into your invoices. Your clients can simply scan to pay you via your Bettr Cash Code if they are a Bettr user.

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