(Beta Release: 26 April 2022)

New user and your account is blocked?

If you have just signed up but your account is blocked, it means that one of the following events occurred:

  • Your identity verification was unsuccessful: This happens when your identity verification has failed. This can range from a missing or incorrect record with South African Home Affairs, to your identity document being invalid or incorrectly scanned.

  • Suspicious activity against your personal name: This happens if suspicious activity has been flagged against your profile. Suspicious activity often relates to politically exposed individuals, public disputes in the media or sanctions imposed on an individual. We usually escalate such cases for further evaluation.

If your account has been blocked but a FICA agent has not responded to you, please contact support.

Existing user and your account is blocked?

If you are an existing user that was previously approved and actively transacted, but your account is now blocked, it might mean that one of the following events occurred:

  • Your FICA Lite limits have been reached: You have exceeded either the transaction or balance limits allowed under the FICA Lite account rules. To rectify this, please upgrade to FICA Plus. Bettr will notify you when your FICA Lite limits are about to be reached but you may have missed this and not acted in time to prevent your account being blocked.

  • Your account may have been flagged for fraudulent activity: For your security and our compliance, Bettr monitors your transactional activity and applies strict security measures to protect your profile from further harm in the event of:

  • Fraud: Your Bettr account, unbeknownst to you, may have been used to commit fraudulent transactions.

  • Soliciting Funds: Your Bettr account may have received funds from an unknown source or you may have transacted with individuals that are under investigation.

  • Card Fraud: Your card might have been used without your knowledge in a fraudulent transaction.

To unblock your account, please connect with support.

Please note, for security reasons we cannot publicly divulge the procedures undertaken to review your account.

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