(Beta Release: 26 April 2022)

Your passcode is used to authenticate when you:

  • Login to the app

  • Make payments

  • Make profile changes

  • View card details

Set up your 5 digit passcode:

  • Your first passcode entry sets your passcode.

  • Your second passcode entry confirms your passcode.

  • Your passcode cannot be “1,2,3,4,5”.

Trouble logging in with your passcode?

  • Incorrect passcode attempts: You have 3 attempts to enter your passcode correctly. Entering your passcode incorrectly on the 3rd attempt will prevent you from logging in for 2 minutes. Consecutive incorrect attempts will further this delay. You can try again when the timer on the passcode screen has lapsed.

If you’re still struggling to login, then please reach out to chat support.

[Connect with chat support now]

Want to reset your passcode?

  • Logged out of the app? You can reset your passcode directly from the login screen by selecting the purple “I can’t sign in” hyperlink. For the Bettr Beta release, you will be redirected to chat support for manual assistance.

  • Logged into the app? You can reset your passcode directly from within the app. Visit the Security section in the Menu, select Passcode and follow the reset instructions.

If you’re struggling to reset your passcode, then please engage with chat support immediately.

[Connect with chat support now]

New device and cannot login with passcode?

  • Bettr uses strict security measures to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing your account.

  • If you have an existing account with a registered profile (passcode and or biometrics setup), you will be required to reprovision your account.

  • Reprovisioning your account requires a Bettr support agent to verify your identity before allowing you to access your account.

If your device was lost or stolen and you have reinstalled the Bettr app onto a new device, please engage with chat support immediately to assist you.

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