(Beta Release: 26 April 2022)

When you register, or change your email address, we need to verify your email address.

  • Email address not supported? We support most email addresses, including domains such as “.app”. If you are using an email address with an unsupported domain then please let us know at help@bettr.app.

  • Did not receive a verification email? Please check your junk or spam folders and try again. Alternatively, you can request a new verification email in the app. Double check for typos and spelling when requesting a new verification email.

  • Email address already exists?

    • New Users: If your email already exists, you may be an existing user that signed up. Did you try logging in with a new device?

      • If you are an existing user and logging in with a new device, (follow the prompts below under “Existing Users”).

      • If you haven’t signed up previously, then your account may be compromised. Please contact support urgently.

    • Existing Users: If you are an existing user with a new device, you need to login to the app (not sign up), here are the steps to follow:

      • Tap the login button, and then you will be prompted to enter your registered email address.

      • Once you’ve entered your email, you may proceed to confirm your mobile number.

      • Enter the one-time-pin (OTP) number sent to your mobile number.

      • Now, create a new passcode and once done, you’ll be able to access the app on your new device.

  • Existing user with new email address? If you are an existing user with a new device and seek to register a new email address, you first need to login to Bettr. Once logged in, you can change your email address from your profile settings. You will be required to verify your new email address first before you can access the app again.

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